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WTF! Chickens hatching October 19th!

Another new Limited Edition line from DuBose Art – The WTF! Chicken Series will be added to the shop and on sale tomorrow: October 19th!

Series One.

Sculpted/Handcrafted and made of resin (hard plastic) they Glow in the Dark, and come in a variety of colors. These weird little creatures are just under 2″x2″x2″ and will make a great addition to any collection of strange art toys. As with the Blops – they aren’t just for adults – kids absolutely LOVE them too!

Though a couple of these pictured directly below will not be included in this First Series, I’ve added the photo to show clarity and detail:

WTF! Chicken: Clarity, Color & Detail.
WTF! Chicken – Series One: Glowing in the dark.

WTF! Chicken Release.

These odd & cute little guys are limited to 20!
Mark your calendar and get them while they last!

These creepy chicks were also featured over on It’s an excellent site – go check it out! Thanks again @trutek for the great review and support!