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It’s March. It’s Monday. It’s a Blog Post.

Hello again Ladies & Gentlemen!

As it’s been noted..I have not been as on top of the blog posting as (we) would like….yet. I am a busy lady – but will do my best to schedule time to post things here more frequently. Until then you can always follow @duboseart on Instagram & Twitter. Both of these places are consistently updated and say…oh, I don’t know – we were having a sale and someone just wasn’t able to post about it on the site…well, you can find out about it there.

And now the latest news:

We are having a SALE!  Several one off items are marked down and will soon be available via wholesale orders and possibly trades only. Pick up a critter or two – you deserve it! …..And we need the proceeds to put towards more materials, ahem.

We are excited to be launching our first Bootleg Figure at the Rockford Art Deli show in April.   You can read a bit about it here. Thanks to Man-E-Toys.Com for the great write-up!

Sometime this week, we will be putting up one Cold Cast Copper Driggs (skull-mash up) for sale, unless it goes via email first.

The amazing zombie bust by Brian Hulsey (@bphulsey on IG) painted by Jonathan DuBose of DuBoseArt is available for $75, please email us if interested.

I previously mentioned some site changes..look for those coming in April!

Thank you everyone for all the likes, awesome compliments and comments.

As always – thank you for your support! If you have any questions about anything please feel free to ask.

We are always up for new projects and more work. We can make it. Want us to be a part of a future show? Let us know! (“unintentional rhyme.”) <- And I’m leaving it.*  That’s it!  Check out the shop and have a great week, folks!

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