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Release & Wrap-up Saturday:

We made it through another week! Here’s what’s new this weekend:

Our new Devil Dog figure is in the shop! Available now are 5 painted & 3 DIY versions. Approximately 5 inches tall, solid and super spiky! Warning: Do not play hot potato with it: Everyone loses.  (Seriously.) Pick one up while they’re available!


We will be elbows deep in silicone and resin throughout March with production projects;  a few new creatures will be popping up here and there.  There’s even been some shop talk about Mini Mummies soon…don’t know what it means exactly, but it should be interesting!

Look out for new items to hit the shop including skulls, paint holders, and even a few painted ocu_lar pieces from our collection over the next few days! We will make announcements of additions through Twitter & Instagram. Follow us for the latest news & release info.

That’s all I’ve got today.
As always, thanks for your support!
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