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Dragons, Updates, Changes, and ANOTHER Coupon!

Well, here we are again, Ladies & Gentlefolk!

As you’ve probably seen one of us mention, at least once, there are a LOT of changes going on here at DuBose Art.
Changes to the Shop, Offices, and now – The Site!
FINALLY: Some MUCH needed updating.
It’s a work in progress, y’all. There are only two of us so we thank you for your patience while we continue to streamline things. :)

That said – Thanks to everyone who picked up something in the shop yesterday!
Thank you for the write-ups, posts, retweets – we appreciate EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU! You are not unnoticed! :)
We have only ONE Baby Dragon left from the first batch of 4 Hatchlings! The Purple “Riz” baby is still looking for a new castle to plunder and pillage!

Because we are SO excited about the new look of the site and updated info – we are doing yet ANOTHER coupon.
Yep, you read that correctly. Enter in “APRIL15” to get additional 15% OFF your Total Purchase! Free Shipping on orders over 50.00 too!
Are we crazy, you ask? The answer is yes. Definitely.
Crazy about resin, that is!
Check out the shop and pick something up so we can make room for May inventory!

Check us out on Twitter and Instagram, Email us, all the usuals..

Look for some New, Different and EXCITING things coming up soon. (Seriously.)

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