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Thank Goodness for Little Girls & Other News!

Technically this should have been posted a few days ago – but we’ve been busy – Sorry, folks!


Little Girlthe latest finished sculpt from Jonathan DuBose is FINALLY finished. I’m pretty excited about this one as I’ve been waiting for it’s completion for over 4 months now! The First Exclusive colorway and MicroRun will soon hit the VinylThoughtsNation.Com shop. A week or two after  Scott Kinnebrew’s super cool Passion of the Wookie release. Look for these and additional versions on our site in the coming weeks!

EyeBots and Mummies are still available too, Ladies and Gents. We have several colorways currently available. On Saturday, 04-20-13 we will be releasing the special Ja’Makin’ Me Crazy editions. There will only be 5 Mini & 5 Micro Mummies available in this colorway. And while we’re talking about it, an Exclusive Run is scheduled for VinylRiot.Com in early May!

As for the pretty excellently bash-constructed EyeBots. These guys are from the Future. Or Space. Or the Past. Or MAYBE underground.. Take your pick and make up your own tale.. What you really want to know is this: They are 3.75 inches tall &  Blind Shipped in Future/Historic Eggs. Dyed with MonsterKolor Resin Dye. You can read another fabulous write-up from Tru:Tek over at Thanks so much for the awesome words!

Keep your lids peeled (I am running out of ways to say “Keep An Eye Out!”) for a few new releases in the next few weeks including a Baby Dragon & a few other Mixed-Media Creatures. Until then – we will be working on filling the orders we have for wholesale & various site exclusives!

Pick up something in the shop; help us put a dent in Jonathan’s hospital bills…
Hey! He has yet to take a day off & STILL has to wear a brace – maybe that will tug on your heart strings a little bit… ;)

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