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Toys Are Us Art Show at Rockford Art Deli!

We are honored to be a part of Rockford Art Deli’s “Toys Are Us” group art show Curated by Killer Bootlegs and Sponsored by Monster Kolor! This is Jonathan’s first art show since college and the very first for DuBose Art! We are beyond ecstatic to be featured among these Amazing Artists! The show starts at 5 PM today and ends April 6th. The pieces will still be on display at R.A.D until May 8th in Rockford, Il. If you’re in the area please swing by and show your support!


Keep an eye out on Instagram and Twitter for WIP photos and first pull sneak peeks of five new figures scheduled for silicone baths this weekend.

Because J injured his wrist falling from the sky without activating his Superhero powers this weekend, he hasn’t been on the computer much lately. So, you can take advantage of the sale that’s STILL going on and pick up a piece in the shop (help us pay the ER bill too!) I heard him yell “Flame On!” alas, he did not burst into flames and fly away. I guess we can check The Human Torch off his ‘possible powers’ list.

As always, thanks for your support! If you have any questions email us at!