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Caturday or Baturday (take your pick) Surprise!

Happy Weekend, Ladies & Gents!

As you can see, we’ve been busy, busy, busy – but not too busy to add some new creatures to the site!
We have cats! We have bats! We even have squishy baby dragons! Along with a lot of other little critters roaming around..
All of these creepy cuties are looking for new homes. We are just running out of places for all of the wee monsters to sleep!
So, take a look around the shop and check out the latest orphans! Maybe one will really tug your heartstrings like they do mine.

And while you’re here… Until Tuesday 05-28th take an additional 20% off your total purchase with the Coupon Code “da20off” too!

Quite a few new things on the horizon..Expect a few updates soon!

As always. we thank you for your support! If you have questions or comments email us or use the contact form. :)

Have a great Holiday, folks!


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