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Thunder Puss 65 – “Mace of Fur-y” Edition – Scheduled for Release SAT 5.18.13 2PM CST

Heya Folks! We are proud to announce the release of our newest bootleg figure Thunder Puss 65  “Pussy Brings the Thunder” Mace of Fur-y Edition. They are scheduled for release at 2pm CST on SAT 5.18.13 in the DuBoseArt Shop or Via the “Featured Products Slider Via the home page.

Thunder Puss is a ferocious Cat of Battle armed with only his trusty “Mace of Fur-y” and a blood lust for meaty fresh Nom Noms. Each figure stands 3.75in tall with a 5inch curled tail.


These ferocious felines come bagged, tagged and un assembled. These delightfully ferocious figures are limited to 10 pieces with the “Mace of Fur-y” Weapon Accessory!!

As always, Thank you so much for your support and don’t forget to head over to the and Vote for DuBoseArt for Break Through Artist!!!!


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