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BIG Long Blog – Are you ready?

You better be…This post is a doozie! I am going to try to hit the major news from the last week or two.. Here goes nothing!

First of all, TODAY 6-18-13 @ 5pm EDT Paper+Plastick will be releasing a few new variations of the Paper + Plastick X Jonathan DuBose Mini Skulls we are all so fond of in several new beautiful colorways!
You can find them here on the Paper+Plastick Limited Run page. They tend to go fast – be ready to click quick!
Also, you can read the interview with Jonathan that our good friends at P+P posted on the news page! Go here.

Moving on..
As many of you know, in the last couple of weeks J has been painting some larger pieces.. Two Gillman Busts and most recently – A
1:1 Gremlin (coming soon!) Below you’ll find photos of these gorgeous fellows! Thank you to @trutek over at Man-E-Toys.Com for the another WONDERFUL write up about the 1:1 Gillman! You can read it here.
This Fin-tastic fellow was originally created by Blackheart Studios.
Now this guy  – he is the amazing result of Mr. Steve Wang’s re-imagining of The Creature From The Black Lagoon / Gillman:

Oh, what’s that now? We’ve also launched a new line of original jewelry! Currently available are Double-Skull rings, earrings & pendant/necklaces! Available in multiple colorways with a blackwash option – The rings come in different sizes too – so everyone can enjoy a piece of wearable DuBoseArt. :)

Also this week, J created a new dude: The Intergalactic Prize Fighter! We have painted and DIY versions available too. The customization possibilities are endless!  Just look at that face!
Where does he come from? Who knows. What we DO know is this Alien Creature is QUITE the badass!

Last weekend we released a couple more DuBose Art customized Buff Monster Ice Cream Minis! Grab one before we run out – it’s getting close!

Don’t forget! Every Saturday is Caturday/Baturday here at DuBose Art! All cats and bats are on sale for 20.00 every weekend. Take advantage and pick up a ThunderPuss 65 or a Screecher Bat! Or both! They come in a multitude of different colorways! FREE SHIPPING on all orders 50.00 & more too!

We’ve also just released some DIY Eyeballs, check them out!

I am also going through old inventory and popping things up at HIGHLY discounted rates.. Keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming!
Last week it was 4″ Furry Critters! Still have a few resin & furry minis available though! Who knows what I’ll come across next.

I think I covered, if not all, most things! If not..Well, I’ll get it next time.
Don’t forget to follow us on the Instagram & Twitter for photos of WIPs, Behind the scene shots & more!
As always we THANK YOU SO MUCH for the continued love and support, Ladies & Gentlemen!

You can reach us directly via the contact page here or email us: / CC:

Have a great Tuesday one & all!

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