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They’re Baaaaack!

What’s that? Goblins V2?

After winning a special place in our hearts, suddenly last year the Goblins went underground!?

We’ve heard nothing from them for some time; when suddenly JUST as Summer arrives they start pattering around again! They seem to have evolved, morphed, or adapted somehow. Their portly little bodies are covered in scales and they appear to have sprouted plates along their spines?! I don’t know where they’ve been or just WHAT they’ve been hanging out with..but I’m certainly glad they’re back!

Okay..they MAY just “borrow” things sometimes…
Gnaw on this or that…
Occasionally claw something up here and there..
Still! These little monsters are SO much fun to have around the house and lawn..They are housebroken and love to give little sharptooth kisses!


Original Sculpt by Jonathan DuBose . They are Approximately 4.5 inches tall and 5 inches wide from ear to ear.  Also new:  Each Goblin will have magnetic arm sockets giving him SUPERFUN (Magnetic!) Articulation. Available as a DIY in your choice of Black or White. Limited to 10 in each color.

We hope you’ll give a little monster a happy home!
You can reach us via the contact form on the site –
As always we Thank You for your support!

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