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The Rammits are coming..The Rammits are coming!

The Rammits are here!

*The Rammits are going…
Only ONE Left!

It’s been well over a year since J. customized a Dunny. If you aren’t familiar with these you can find them and more excellence here – at the Kidrobot site!

For these he sculpted an entirely new head then cast in resin.. They still have the original Dunny bodies – only now with The Rammit head!
What is a Rammit? Well, a Rammit is an odd little critter..Part Rabbit, Part Ram – and full of awesome!

The Rammits are just a hare under 3 1/2″ tall from the tip of their horns to the tips of their little feet.
A cute little rabbit nose..combined with some pointy ram-like horns AND soft fur? How much cuter can you get?!

For this run only 4 were made.
*Update: Only ONE left! 
These Rammits will be blindbox shipped with one UV-Reactive ‘chase’ Rammit!

Each Rammit comes with his very own bloody-skull staff..I think he looks like a Mystic or Shaman, myself.
They also will come with a Rammit-Head refrigerator magnet! How cool is that?

Snatch one up while you still can! Who knows what sort of Voodoo these little monsters can conjure up? They might just disappear!

If you have any questions please use the contact form available here on the website!
As always – we thank you for your continued support!

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