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Updates, New Stuff, Coupon, etc.

Well has been a while since our Blog was updated. If you follow us on Instagram/Twitter you already know just how busy we have been lately!

First – There are three new Rammits now available in the shop! With their individual bloody weapons, now resin Rammit skulls encased inside the resin Rammit head, gore, glitter, ..Brightly colored (new) acrylic fur painted with HomeBrew Paint these little monsters have it all! Don’t let the pretty colors fool you – The Rammit Warrior Tribes are as dangerous as they are adorable!
We have no current plans to make additional variations so be sure check them out and grab one before they are gone!

Many of you know that we have started making our own Paint & Dye. After many inquiries, we decided to offer our blends to the public!
We now have launched our Sister Company.
The HomeBrewPaint.Com site is up and we are taking orders.
Have a look at what we currently have available..expect new colors to pop up as we continually run color tests!
Follow @homebrewpaints on Instagram for all of the latest HomeBrew news too!

I’m not pointing any fingers, of course…but someone forgot to deactivate the latest coupon..
So, we are STILL offering 25% OFF all orders using the
Coupon Code “SafeJourney”
All Orders over 50.00 receive FREE SHIPPING automatically too!
…Not a bad deal, eh?  Head on over to the shop and pick up a little piece or two for yourself or the art lover in your life, you’ll be glad you did!

Not to be overlooked: DuBoseArt.Com is FINALLY undergoing some needed updates and changes. Today, the “Services” page has been updated with current information about all things available here at DuBoseArt…Have a look & expect to see more changes/updates in the coming days!

As always, if you have any questions please email us at or use the Contact form on the site –
We look forward to hearing from you!
Thank you for your continued support & Happy Sunday!


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