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Weekend News: Motorbat Pre-Order & More!

Happy Saturday, Ladies and Gents!

This is going to be a somewhat short one – but look for a longer post early next week with more upcoming features..

The biggest news is: the arrival of The Motorbat, of course! Based on the DuBose Art Logo Ball – our good friend Motorbot put his incredible & instantly recognizable signature style to him. Redesigned, he became The Motorbat! From there, our good friend iamscumbag masterfully 3-D sculpted and printed him! He is currently receiving the DuBose Art molding and casting treatment. We couldn’t be more thrilled about the truly fantastic way he’s turned out.

As noted, We have a Pre-Order available here on the site. These motor-iffic pieces are in our own “Toxic GID” colorway. If you aren’t familiar with it, the color is absolutely beautiful. A rich & bright Gay-Glo Fluorescent green with a highly noteworthy Green GID Glow once the lights go out, these bats are flying fast! There are still a couple of spots available in the Web Shop – grab yours while you can. You can see some photos of this bat-tacular beast below. They are set to begin shipping out on October 11th!

Wait, what? October 11th? I thought you were supposed to be at NYCC? Yes. We were. Due to a month of catastrophic events, we had to cancel this trip. The good news is: there will still be DuBose Art NYCC Exclusives available at Booth 208! If you are attending, be SURE you stop by The Block for an amazing lineup of artists with even more amazingly awesome toys! Look for more info about NYCC releases early next week! We ARE currently still planning on attending DCon 2013 in November!

Keep those peepers peeped for upcoming releases from iamantix too! You can check out the website and grab some excellence over at!

We are still having our Anniversary(ahem, Purge!) sale. Make sure to use the coupon code “whatayear” at checkout to get 40% OFF your orders! Remember that all domestic orders 50.00 & over receive FREE priority shipping too!  It’s definitely worth a look to see what we still have available over in the shop!

If you’re looking for paint/dye, pop on over to our other company website to see what we have going on! There will be some updates to the site in the upcoming week as well. You can always follow us on IG @homebrewpaints or on Twitter @homebrewpaint too!

That’s it for now, folks.
As always we welcome any questions via email or the contact form available here on the site and thank you for your continued support!

motorbat1  motorbat2                       motorbat4  motorbat3

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