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Weekend update – lots of cool stuff. You should read this.

As usual, I am WAY behind on updating our blog posts. I’d love to say that I will “be better” I never know what each day has in store for us – all I can do is try! Here’s some of what has been going on in DuBose Art Land:

First, as you know, due to unforeseen family and homestead issues, we were unable to attend NYCC…. But we would like to give a MASSIVELY HUGETHANK YOU” to the always-awesome Monster Island ( and Kris Dulfer ( for having our art available at their booths! We would also like to extend a thank those of you who picked up a piece or two. Your support is SO very appreciated, despite our physical absence! Below I will post photos of the pieces that were in attendance.

We’d also like to say THANK YOU to you awesome folks who pre-ordered the ultra-fantastic Motorbat! We hope you love him as much as we do, along with the pretty excellent Motorbat decals that came with the orders!

Next up – The most recent painted Gillman! This gorgeous 1:1 bust of “The Monster Squad” fame is one of my personal favorites. This round, he was painted with our own Homebrew Paint, in metallics, no less…And is absolutely beautiful! As much as I hate to let him go, I suppose it is all a part of the Art Hustle….can’t keep everything! He will be added to the shop for purchase soon…so keep your peepers peeped for the release…the last one went FAST! Again, I will post some photos below – though be assured once he is added to the site there will be better photos. He’s a big fella and simply doesn’t fit in our regular photography area.

We’ve also released a new Monster to celebrate our favorite Holiday – Halloween, of course! It’s Mister MonsterCorn! He is shaped like the well-known Candy Corn Treat – Mr. MonsterCorn is anything and everything but sweet! A sweet-treat looking monster with two faces…you just never know what creepy things might happen with this guy around! You can find him in the shop. We currently have two versions available: painted and bagged with a header card and an unpainted version in vibrant Halloween Orange! He will only be available during the Halloween Holiday Season – if you are a fan of candy, Halloween and/or monsters, you better grab yours while you can!

If you follow us on Instagram @duboseart / @amdistrict you may have seen another upcoming project with @iamscumbag. Fun from long-ago; we are bringing back Pogs! More details and information on how you can get in on this series will be available soon. Another @iamscumbag X @duboseart project – can’t go wrong! Both are unbelievably talented and together create absolute excellence, no doubt about it! Be sure you are following us, as well as @iamscumbag on the Instagram! You won’t be sorry!

More awesomeness in-store with our good friends @iloveantix ( ( and of course @paperandplastick ( too. Be sure you are keeping an eye or ear out for some incredible releases coming up. You won’t want to miss these!

We also have a few DuBose Art projects in the works….I can’t give details just yet, but we are expecting to blow some minds VERY soon.
I will also be adding a MAJOR sale here on the site today/tomorrow, so make sure you are keeping tabs via Instagram, Twitter, or here on the site! It’s going to be big. Bigger than big. You’ll be able to grab yourself some of those DuBose Art originals you’ve been wanting at quite the discounted rate!

Don’t forget to check out our sister site:  where we brew up amazing colors for all your paint/dye needs! Great product – Great prices!

That’s all for now, folks. As aforementioned, below this will be image-heavy.
Feel free to mail us with any questions – there’s even a convenient “contact form” right here on the site!
As always, we thank you for your continued support!

bat1 bat2 misland samedi1 bun1 IMG_20131009_125953

IMG_20131011_234736 IMG_20131011_235303 IMG_20131011_235107
pog1 mrmonstercorn gillman4 gillman1                 gillman2              gillman3

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