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It’s a Batstravaganza! Motorbat shirts have landed & more!

From the beginning of the stunning Motorbat creation we knew we had to make shirts for this guy..

Extraordinarily designed by our good friend @Motorbot using the original DuBose Art logo as inspiration, he took it beyond what we could have anticipated. He was then expertly 3-D Printed to perfection by our good friend @iamscumbag. The Motorbat is truly a unique and incredible creature and frankly looks absolutely great, whether he’s on your toy shelf or on your shirt!

With a huge thanks to our other totally talented pal @iloveantix, the shirts are now a reality – and they are just awesome. Gorgeous screening, the colors are blindingly bright – JUST what we’d envisioned. We are SO completely stoked with how they’ve turned out. Perfection!

They are available now in the shop along with an unadvertised bonus! Each T-Shirt order will come with a Motorbat decal AND a Cotton Candy Colorway Motorbat Claw Keychain! All sorts of Motorbat awesome for you.

And while we are celebrating the Motorbat – It’s a TOTAL Batstravaganza here at DuBose Art!
All current full-sized Motorbats in the shop have been marked down below 100.00.
That’s it for now folks, grab up those Motorbat shirts, Bats & anything else that strikes your fancy – don’t forget to use the code “Holiday10” for 10% OFF your total purchase…And of course, all domestic orders 50.00 & over always get Free Shipping!

As always, if you have any questions please use the contact form located here on the site.
Thank You all for your continued support & Happy Holidays!

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