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Black Friday Madness!

We have all sorts of awesome in store for Black Friday! Let’s start with the Paper and Plastick Black Friday Madness! The below Radness will be released at 1pm EST Black Friday at the Paper and Plastick Web Shop HERE!!! Also don’t forget to sign up for the P+P Skull of the Month Vol 3!! You won’t be disappointed with the years skulls! Trust me! Make Sure your following Paper and Plastick and WunderlandWar on IG and Twitter for more info. Also Keep an eye out for those LTJ Evo Kids! no telling where those are going to pop up.

Next up is an awesome collaboration between myself and my great friend and brother from another mother, Motorbot!! I just love his Scowl figure and couldn’t be happier to be producing these fellas!! The first batch sold out but I have several Limited Edition releases planned for Black Friday along with some special Plague Dunnies and a couple other suprises!!:) Check out the Preview of the Scowls and Plague Dunnies we’ll have dropping at 1pm CST in the Shop!!


Well I guess that’s it for right now, my brain hurts and I’m probably forgetting something… oh yeah! Thirsty for Blood Scowls are shipping out with the Black Friday sale pieces. Here’s a shot of the header card art!



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