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Creature Freddy & Freddy Myers Pre-Order & Important Change! (Please Read!)

Happy Sunday, folks! Up in the shop today are the Custom Funko Pop! “Creature Freddy” & “Freddy Myers” Painted Mash-Up Pops!
They are limited to only 5 each, so snag yours while you can! These amazing pieces, customized by J, from two of the great iconic horror “villains” – The Creature From The Black Lagoon (a definite favorite here at DuBose Art!) and Michael Myers of the Halloween films – are guaranteed to go quick! These guys are expected to leave the shop February 7th, so, the sooner you get your place in line, the sooner you get these awesome dudes in your hot-little-monster-loving-hands!

There’s also quite a few things still up for grabs in the shop – be sure to check them out!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Thank you all for your continued support!

I believe, this has been missed by some, so I’ll put it here again :)
**********As of: January 1st, 2015 PLEASE direct any and all inquiries, concerns or questions about orders, etc. to the following email address: This will come directly to me, Anne; Wife, Project Manager, Scheduling and all-around busy-bee here at DuBose Art! J receives floods of emails daily, atop everything else he does. We do not want anything to get lost in the shuffle..this way, we can guarantee any questions or concerns will be addressed. We strive to continue to provide you with the same great-grand-and-awesome pieces and communications!
Thank you everyone, again, for your continued awesomeness!

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