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Motorbat & Kewpie Pre-Order updates & more..

Happy January, everyone! Wow, 2015 came quickly, didn’t it?
We are super excited for all of the new projects we have coming up this year!

Production of the Motorbat & Lil’ Demon Kewpie are underway! For all of you who took advantage of the Pre-Order, you will receive a shipping notification around Sunday-Monday (January 11th or 12th.) Thank you all for your purchases & support! We are very excited to get the Motorbat V2 & the Lil’ Demon Kewpie out to you guys & gals!

You may have seen our newest bit of Devilish Cuteness – the Plague Kewpie on Instagram. We have added these to the shop for Pre-Order. They will be cast in a great shade of Mint – DevilMint, it is.  The Pre-Order for this precious &  infected cutiekewpie will end on January 16th, grab yours before they are gone!

We’ve also added a special edition Lil’ Demon Pre-Order to the shop. Painted by Jonathan DuBose, it calls images of one of the utmost Devil creatures of our lifetime – Tim Curry’s brilliant character in Legend,  “Darkness.”

All of the Pre-Ordered Kewpies will receive free shipping in the U.S. too! 


Thanks again for your continued support!!


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