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Updates and News…Doodle-Doooo!

Hi! And Happy Thursday, everyone! It’s almooooost Friday! We hope you have all had a fantastic week & are looking forward to the weekend!

First up – The Kewpies! Each of the devilish little darlings are in post-production and you all will be receiving your tracking numbers over the weekend. So, that’s pretty awesome! They are so unbelievably evilly cute, I (we) cannot wait for you all to get them in your hot little hands!

You may have seen via the IG @duboseart there are quite a few exciting things coming up!

Of course, there’s the new Paper + Plastick January Subscription Skull! The first in this year’s series will be Garnet – the January birthstone color, and it is truly GORGEOUS! We are so excited about starting yet another series and thank you all so much for the continued support and collecting! Thank you to Vinnie & all of our fantastic friends over at Paper+Plastick too! We are stoked and appreciative for the opportunity to continue making amazing art with you guys! You all are awesome!

New kick-ass figures are currently in the works out in the shop – more from our good pal Johan Ulrich! If you aren’t – you should be following him on Instagram for some incredible work..brilliant and beautifully designed toys and he’s quite a damn good Tattoo Artist too! You can find him here: @johantattoos on IG.

Speaking of totally awesome toys and another of our great friends you should be following: Mr. @blurbleone! There’s always something amazing going on with this really talented and fantastic artist/great guy! Check out his IG for a ton of excellence. You should also check out @selfishlittle. They’ve, currently in their shop some great painted versions of  The Muckster – a collab with Blurble and J, here at DuBose Art! Give it all a bit of a peek! I’m willing to bet you’ll be hooked!

Much much more coming up soon, but you’ll just have to wait and see!
There will also be a post this weekend about some changes going on here at DuBose Art, we will announce it once it’s up, but keep your eyes peeled! We are going to be doing some restructuring and there will be some important info you don’t wanna miss out on seeing!

While you’re here, don’t forget to head on over to the Shop! There are so many great things that need good loving homes – and you knoooow you need some of these guys & gals in your collections!

That’s it for now folks, aside from the stuff we can’t post about.. ;)

Thank you all, again, for the continued love and support – we wouldn’t & couldn’t do it without you!

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