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Custom Funko Pop! Freddy Voorhees & Painted Leatherface added to the shop!

Hey and Happy Friday, everyone! Hope you’ve all had a great week! We’ve been busy here all around – check THIS out!
Friday the 13th is coming up fast, folks!
In Celebration of this most wicked of days (it was always considered a bit of a Holiday in my family…We stayed up all night, snacking, scaring one another and naturally: Binge-watching horror movies! Friday the 13th, of course, but we always threw in a few others to spice it up!)
We’ve just added to the shop two of the greatest (bloody!) icons of our youth.

Custom-Painted Bloody Leatherface (limited to just two!) and a Pre-Order for the Custom Freddy Voorhees (limited to five!) are up for grabs now. A must-have whether you are simply a Pop! lover, Funko Pop! collector or horror fan(atic!) J really did an amazing job on them – they are gorgeous, gory, and I, myself, am super excited about these guys!  Limited quantities, so get yours while you can!


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