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The Past Month and Auction Info..

To our Customers. Clients, Friends and Family:

First of all, thank you for your continued support and especially, patience during the last month. We appreciate each and every one of you.

I suppose it is best to just get down to the details of what’s been going on with us since April. As most of you know, J’s father has lived with us, and we have taken care of him for the last five years as he has battled, among a myriad of other issues, Alzheimer’s & Dementia.

On the 22nd of April, after John, (J’s father) had a fairly decent physical and mental health day and Doctor’s Appointment we came home, fed and got him ready for bed. He went to sleep at 6:30 p.m. and was sleeping soundly. At 10:30 that night, we’d just checked on him and, still sleeping, we were off to shower. Before we even made it that far, there was a loud thump from his room. We ran in and found him lying on the floor, eyes opened, but unresponsive. We called 911, and while I was on the phone with them he began to have a seizure. We managed to stabilize and keep him from hurting himself while waiting for the ambulance and off to the hospital we went.

In the coming hours, we learned that he had fluid filling his head, putting pressure on his brain, which is what caused the seizure. Over the course of the next week, scans and tests, it was thought that he had a Subdural Hematoma, (a collection of blood outside of the brain.) We consented to Burr Hole Surgery, in hopes of releasing the fluid. However, once the Neurosurgeon was in, no blood was released, it was instead clear and it was determined then that he had instead, a Subdural Hygroma, which is cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) accumulation in the subdural space. The surgery was stopped and he was sewn back up.

For days it was unclear as to what would happen, but then he seemed to be on the mend..stabilized and even began responding and speaking to us again. We believe once the hole was made in the skull and the fluid was drained, it relieved the pressure on his brain and it was starting to decompress, which is why he was bouncing back. It was at this point, that he was transferred to another long-term care facility, under the guidelines that, should there be a change in his neurological status, he should have an immediate CT and his Neurosurgeon be contacted.

Unfortunately, this is not what happened. Despite us repeatedly pointing out that he was declining and begging for them to perform a CT, we were ignored. He was ignored. Instead of treating him as a recovery from Burr Hole Surgery, he was treated as “End-Stage Dementia,” and what should have happened did not, until J & I stood in the center of 8 Doctors & Nurses and yelled and cursed them into doing what they should have done a week prior. A CT was scheduled and was performed the following morning. His Neurosurgeon was immediately contacted and he was transported back to the hospital into ICU, as there was a significant change in the amount of fluid collection.

During all of this time, he became septic, developed pneumonia from aspiration, a portion of his heart began to AFib & was throwing out blood clots. While he developed several clots in his extremities, a major one of the clots went into the back of his brain and he had a stroke…and then another. He also has a sac of fluid that has collected around his heart.

Despite the truly best efforts of the Hospital’s Doctors & assorted Staff, all of this, combined with his continued decline in health have made any additional surgeries impossible.

On Thursday, May 21st at around 3:00 PM, we made the extremely difficult decision to take him off of the ventilator. He is, however, still with us as of now. His vitals are dropping, but, he is a DuBose and is still fighting what we have been repeatedly told by hordes of experts, is the inevitable. We are watching and waiting, and are now tasked with the job of helping in the planning of a Funeral and Memorial Service as, this strong and incredible man – even with his illnesses, never anticipated dying and frankly ignored the possibility that it could ever happen. I believe, even at 79 he planned to outlive us all, and if circumstances had been different, he probably would.

So, as you can see, given this personal knowledge of our lives we do not often speak of publicly – we have been immersed in critical family matters, and while we have been making every effort to continue and keep up with every aspect of DuBose Art, we are behind in a number of areas in work and life. Please know that we are aware. While we have been unable to respond to every email, we have received them and have not forgotten a single one of you. Again, we thank you all for your continued patience as we attend to this major event that has upended every portion of our lives…we are trying to get back on track as much and as quickly as possible, between extended hospital stays.

As most of you already know, if you follow J on Instagram (@duboseart) –  This evening we will be auctioning off some gorgeous one of a kind pieces that J has, as always, beautifully painted up. We are doing this to help our family during this extremely difficult time as, life just doesn’t stop for these kinds of events.. we do still have bills and a mortgage atop the significant fact that, J’s father does not have any sort of life insurance or burial policy. We do not take or ask for handouts, that’s just not a DuBose. But we will auction off some incredible pieces to keep ourselves going and “take care of our own,” like we do.


If you made it this far in the post, how about we have a smile at this Tracy Byrd music video J’s Dad was in back in his modeling days. He’s the Oil Tycoon that’s “raving like a lunatic.”

Again, we truly thank you all for the continued support and yes, again, the patience as we get through this and keep going forward..

-A & J DuBose

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