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Special Special Items & Super Sale!

Check it out! As most of you know we run a LOT of different and awesome pieces for Paper + Plastick!  But nothing lasts forever….
We are currently offering up some “dead molds.” After 60+ runs the silicone just gives out…sad, but inevitable.
After receiving multiple requests, instead of keeping them for ourselves or simply trashing them, we are giving you die-hard fans a chance to own a piece of history!

There are a several available – Skulls, as well as the Monkey Assassins both in full and mini sizes currently available.
Check them out in the shop – grab one…or a few for your collection! Once they are gone….they’re gone!

Don’t forget to check out the other items we have on SUPER SALE still available as well! Funko Pops have been marked down for a limited time – get them while they’re hot!

Keep your eyes peeled for more new and exciting things upcoming – be sure to follow @duboseart on instagram, as you’ll usually see what’s coming up there first!

As always, we thank you for your continued support!

– A & J DuBose

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