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Roger and Site Construction

This is a quick one because it’s late. I’m updated the website and my shop big time. I’m using Square’s ecommerce right now as a inbetweener store while the remodel is being done on the website. It will take me a week or two to get the site/store updated and get all the payment gateways (paypal, credit cards etc) set up and sandbox tested. I could have it done sooner but I have other responsibilities and commitments to tend to.  If I like square’s stores set up and the no paypal option isn’t a disaster,  I might keep it. It already seems to be easier for me to use and the fees really aren’t bad. Of course I know most of you out there use paypal exclusively. So that also factors in.  Anyways, at check out it ask if you have a Square Account or want to make one. Just scroll down further and click Checkout as Guest and you can enter you address and simply pay with a major credit card or bank debit card. easy peesy… I do still accept PayPal Just shoot me a message and I’ll set that up. Square’s says delivery turnaround time is 14 days. Typically pieces ship within a week but there is some occasions when I get swamped in the lab slinging resin, or painting , emailing…just about every aspect of what it takes to create .. and I might go over that said week. I have a dedicated shipping table that I try and clear weekly.  So you could say I’m sandbagging a week.  I’m sure I’m for getting something but… moving on.


Roger info! A mini Roger is a piece that I’ve been wanting to do forever. There’s not enough american dad toys… if any really and Roger’s many personas are probably my favorite part of the show. I currently have a limited amount of these guys available for $35 US Shipping included. They can be found here at . I plan on doing other outfits aswell.. If these do well then I’ll do Ricky Spanish next.. The Store and my site are still propagating changes I made today so if you have an issue with that address or link usually a refresh is all it takes to pop up the store. It should fix itself in a day or two and not be an issue in the future…  IF for some reason that doesn’t work go here  ====>>  Thank you to the ones who already picked up one! yall rule!!


As always , Thank you everyone for your continued support and everything. It’s been a hell of a year..any questions, comments, concerns shoot me an email to or simply use the contact form.




That wasn’t quick.. at… all… still have a headache.