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Eye Catching Title

I’m sure some of you have noticed I kinda dropped off the face of the world a couple years ago…I can explain..or at least attempt to. First I need to go back a bit further. About 4 years ago, as most of yall know, my father passed away. I kept my head down. bottled up my feelings and did my best to push through and keep busy . I thought I was doing well and managing but I really wasn’t. It was just something I told/convinced myself just so I didn’t crash into a million pieces. Fast forward 2 years, still managing to get by doing casting runs for P+P and customs here and there and then boom another death in the family, this time it was my wife’s dad. She didn’t take it well and long story short, she needed me more than ever. The added stress of previously mentioned really did a number on me and I ended up developing social anxiety/depression. Right around this time I stopped posting on instagram and social media in general. I still made pieces for the record company but that was pretty much it. I currently still do actually but haven’t been promoting my work in any way. The anxiety wouldn’t allow it.

Skull Sculpt

Where are we now?

That brings us to the current… where we are now?… why are you posting DuBose?.. Well, to be frank, This past couple years have been one big depression and I’m tired of being stuck in it. As Dean from Supernatural says “The only way out is through”… I’m posting again to stoke the DuBoseArt fires, I need casting clients, sculpting clients and materials for future DuBoseArt projects. I also have bills and a family to keep in finery, or at the very least fed. So I’m currently selling various pieces I’ve collected over the years. Round 1 consists of previously released DuBoseArt pieces and a handful (5pcs total) of LTJ Evo test shots to further add fuel the fires and work myself back up to full steam to get me back to where I need to be. Thank you for sticking by me over the years and support. Your comments and likes have really helped and don’t go unnoticed. Thank you for the love! – J

Below is a link to my if you care to send a donation to help support my art. I don’t expect anyone to donate but if you do, Thank You in advance.

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