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Custom Paint Ups, Paint Commissions and Colabs

If your reading this post then you probably have seen my custom paint work on instagram or somewhere else on the interweb on things. I love doing customs paint ups and you’ll definitely be seeing more of them in the future.

The custom Funko Pop Predator posted above came out great and felt good to be painting an old friend again. He comes in the original box with a nifty DuBoseArt Custom sticker on the front. As many of you know, I love predators and have custom painted sooo many (working on a gallery page for that) but now they are apparently “Vaulted” and is why I listed it at $75. On average these guys run $25 unpainted now so I have to factor that into the final price. Which brings me to commissions….

Commissions… I’ll paint just about everything. I’ve painted everything from cars to full body latex Predator suits. Prices range for different things so feel free to use the contact form to ask for a quote. Quotes are always free. I get asked about Funko Pops more than anything so I’ll explain how I do those to try and answer those questions.

For pops I typically charge $55-65 for a custom painted pop standard size pop. I call it the “I handle everything deal”. That price includes the pop (as long as the pop is easy to find and not vaulted or rare), the work and return US shipping. Workflow for this option is like this: client pays, I order the pop to customize (typically from ebay ), I paint the pop shortly after it arrives. Return ship after completion. Easy peasy!!

Second options is the Client Provides Piece option. In the case of Pops or a vinyl of that size, I typically charge $45-55 for the Paint Work and Return US Shipping. Workflow for this option is like this: Client pays for commission, Ships Pop or vinyl to me, I work on pop shortly after arrives. This option or route applies to other non funko pieces like Sofubi or larger vinyl kits or busts. The larger the piece the higher Paint Work price might be. Other things like level if detail or certain effects can effect price as well so in those cases don’t hesitate to ask. Just shoot me an email.

VINYL ARTISTS. I’m always interesting in collaborations. Want me to paint your figures? shoot me an email and we can work it out!

Thanks for reading, shoot me a message if your interested in a booking a commission. Creatures and Monsters are the best.


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