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Limited Edition Painted Critters, 5.25in Critter funding drive!

In an effort to get the fur ball rolling on the production of the 5.25in Crite, I’ve hand painted 2 different colorways of Critter Sets to generate funds for the 5.25in furball you’ve probably seen on my instagram. They are $30 each set(plus shipping), come carded and you will receive via email a 25% off coupon code good for anything in the shop or you can save it for the release of the painted and furred version of the Naked Critter. Totally up to you.

We have the Classic Variant for those who love the classics and the New Binge variant because whether you liked the new series or not, that red one was pretty awesome.

Thank you for the likes, follows and everything. With your support we can make awesome things! I’m looking forward to painting and furring this fella!

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