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The Vault, Gremlins and St. Patties

I’m sure you’ve seen me mention the Vault. The Vault is in reality my old work shop/storage room. I’ve been going through it a lot recently, sorting through boxes of resin and molds. I’ve found lots of older works of my own and I might be revisiting some character ideas . Amongst the various pieces I came across, were some Mini Shrunken Baby Gremlins. I went a head a popped up a limited amount for a limited amount of time. I plan on pulling them off the webstore at midnight on Sunday. Unless I forget or just decide to let them run for a few more days until they sell out. I’m kinda up in the air at the moment. So snag one while you can because once I pull them off. They won’t be back for a good while.

On St Patties Day Paper and Plastick is release 3 different pieces, Irish Cream Coffee Monkey Assassin, Pot O Gold Full Size Skull and the Lucky Charms Mini Skulls. These came out great and the Irish Creams were particularly interesting to cast. With those I wanted to have a Cream head with a coffe body effect but in doing so I wanted to have some of the white mix in with the coffee color but not a full on marbled effect. What I did was pour the white in first filling he the head, being careful not to let any touch the sides where the coffee would be. After that I SLOWLY pour in the Coffee color, letting run down the sides and alternating sides of he mold until its full. That gave me the minimal amount of marbling possible. If I wanted a solid hard line separating the colors I’d pour the cream, I would pour the white, let it gel up then pour the Coffee color. For a full on marbled effect, I’d alternate the colors quickly. I use a fast setting resin so, quick hands helps if you can keep the amount you pour and alternate the colors the same pattern you can get your marble patters to match from piece to piece fairly closely.

Well I think that’s it for this post. I’m working on a new sculpt. It’s non horror related and more geared toward the critter’s and creatures side of what I like to do. Hopefully I’ll be posting some progress of that soon. I sculpt fairly quick. Anyways..It’s late ….pardon grammatical editor’s on strike…HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY!!