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Halloween, Little Sitters and NYCC!

First up I need to talk about is the awesome Permafrost Ed Viking Lucky Cats by The Toy Viking. An edition 10 blue/white marbled Viking Cats worth of Valhalla are up for grabs now at the Tenacious Toys booth 780 at NYCC. All left overs will be available online some time next week. Make sure you’re following @thetoyviking and @tenacioustoys on the socials for more info.

Next up are my cute Little Sitters Mini Series I’m cooking up for this Halloween season. I currently have Lil’Jack and Lil’Ra available in the shop for $25 each US Shipping included. I made a few variations of Lil’Jack, Bad Candy sold out and theres 2 Mummy Jacks left. Next up in the series is Lil’Drac for a one hell of a terrifyingly cute trio!

Aaaand thank you to everyone who reached out to me for casting! For those who pulled the trigger, Happy to have you aboard! I’m too excited about what’s coming down the pipe, stay tuned for more radness and mobile blog post madness. If you’re interested me casting pieces for you, shoot me a message or DM on Instagram. A quote never hurt no body. My prices range from “awesome” to “fair”.Please excuse errors, this is quickly posted from a phone, I’m sure someone will come along and clean it up a bit.

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