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New Stuff, lots going on..

DuBose here with another quick blog postering on what’s going on around here. Lot’s of radness in the works First we have our Little Sitters, Jack and Ra. I have a few limited edition colorways up in the shop for grabs. These are typically made out of convenience depending on what I’m making for clients so edition sizes are extremely limited. Thank you everyone for picking them up. I really appreciate the support, with out you folks, who knows where I’d be now.

Next up a thank you for everyone who helped make the Toy Vikings Nordic Lucky Cat initial release a sell out!!! Y’all rock !!! Another exciting colorway is already in the works, so please stay tuned for the media onslaught ahead of you.

Ok so there’s lots happening in the background here, we have Halloween releases scheduled for Paper + Plastick so keep and eye out for those popping up soon. We have a couple cute little things in production for Collecting Toyz, I just love the characters, we have some Viking Ghoulz heading home. We also have something delightful for Miscreation Toys so keep your peepers peeped on the look out for those announcements. you’ll hear it there first!!!

I tried to make it short but there’s a lot happening . Thanks everyone for the continued support, likes, comments…all the things !!! You know DuBose loves you.


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