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Anne DuBose is Back! Creature From the Fat Lagoon and Crystal Kitten Skulls too!!

Hi Folks! She’s baaaaaack! By she, I mean me -Anne of DuBoseArt. I was the blog writer for a long time for the site then things just got crazy and I never quite got back to it. However, with things getting busier and social media what it is – We feel it is time to do updates on our own site as well. I’m not making promises about how often posts will be made…nothing, nada – EXCEPT I CAN ABSOLUTELY say with pretty hefty confidence you will find far less spelling and grammar errors. ;)
So, that is that until we can really nail down a schedule for how we are going to run all of this – worry not! We DuBoses ALWAYS PREVAIL!

Now moving onto the guys you’re really here to see:

He’s back!! More detailed than ever thanks to J’s new son Elegoo.
We are still not quite sure what he ate to get so chunky – or if there is, indeed, a “Fat Lagoon” that has yet to be discovered…. Believe me, we are on top of looking for where and how he came to be so voluptuous!
Currently Limited to 5 GITD Editions for the modest fleshly price of $25 Each. Pop on over to the shop and snag one of these rare fellas. Who knows when they will reappear? We know so little of them, what if they are like the cicadas – hatching every 2-17 years? Just a thought….

Now what to say about this beauty? Obviously we here are DuBoseArt have always been huge fans of skulls. Skulls of all types. And we really love the real ones (real made out of resin, that is –
we are absolutely not going around killing animals to obtain skulls….
we love animals!
Probably more than people.. Well, I do at least. )
Okay, with that little disclaimer out of the way onto the info about this gorgeous piece:
Beautiful for any cat lover (or hater, I suppose) The Crystal Kitten Skull is 2 inches long, the jaw is detachable should you wish to display it that way. I mean, you’ve heard the man say it before – and I’ll back it up myself: I am his harshest critic. If I don’t like something, even a tiny piece of a full piece, he will most definitely know about it, and most likely change it. Now that said my friends, Crystal Kitty Skull is perfect. I am finding no flaws to speak of – she really is just a beautiful piece for any kitty collector. Only 6 left in the shop! A few people got to the site before we even had a chance to announce that they were available (and we love and appreciate you all SO much!)

Much more to come, as most of you have seen all of the recent electronic upgrades to the shop. Shit’s going to get wild in here! Don’t worry, we won’t overload – everything will be taken in and go out in a timely manner. That said, lots of boxes shipped out this morning, more slated to ship over the next couple of days.

Keep your eyes peeled on our IG’s (particularly @duboseart) although I do plan to reactivate and use mine again – all in good time. Peep the FB page if that’s your jam and DuBose posts to Twitter as well.
So there you see, many many platforms to stay “in the know” on what we are up to…
Lots of awesomeness slated for the next few weeks/months – so don’t sleep on checking us out. As mentioned – there are times we don’t even get the chance to post an item has been added to the shop and they are already selling (and again, you guys and gals are badass.)

Thank you all for the years of continued love and support. We couldn’t have done it without you all – we are now and will always be grateful for EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!

Anne & Jonathan DuBose

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