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Holy Shit a New Blog Post!!


Yes, finally after a long blog hiatus and epic unspoken battle between myself and a “Bad Blog Writer” I love dearly… Anyways, DuBose here with a error ridden, typie type on the clickidy clacks!

First of all, THANK YOU EVERYONE who’s showed your support in someway, be it likes, comments, a follow, a purchase and of course motivational emails! Ya’ll Rule!! and I couldn’t do it without you!

Next on the agenda is a mention of some recent additions to the shop and to our arsenal of creative tools. First is the obvious new Elegoo Mars 3d printer I picked up. This thing is sweet as all hell yall. So sweet that I had to actually do something about upgrading my PC situation. So I went on the ol FleaBay and picked up a really decent hp business class windows 10 PC with plenty of juice. Now I can handle the high def models files easier and pick up where I left off 3d modeling after I took a break. Kinda sucked not being able to print the detail that I wanted so I sidelined it for traditional sculpting.. until now. I pick up things fairly quick.

Below is what’s currently on the printer. I’ll be hopefully releasing some of the raven skulls I posted on IG and.. a more Mad Max Styled Raven Skull(slightly larger) hopefully today Sunday or Monday. We’ll see how the day goes..

With a new PC means I can actual type these numbers 1233454!@$# !!!!! HELL YEAH!!! This will make Posts like this and updating the shop way easier to get around to doing. I do still have some server issues but not nearly as crazy as it was.

There’s a lot more going on than just the above mentioned, so keep an eye out( I hate saying that) on my Instagram feed and the folks you know I cast for.. I’ve made some crazy beautiful pieces already and still have lots more to go. So I’m gonna wrap this up..get some sleep and do it all again tomorrow.

Again Thank You everyone for your support!! Yall Rule!! Oh! If you’re feeling frisky, swing by the shop and snag a thing or two. Orders over $35 get a Free Mini Beskar Ingot ..Most likely Psychedelic.. casting alot of those colors recently…


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