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Masters of The Underworld – Dead Lynn Pre- Release

For the MOTU lovers out there, we are happy to be working with Matt (@smashtokyotoys on IG) on this new Series of Iconic Motu Characters reimagined in a state long after their demise. First in the line up is the always sexy, Dead Lynn. She measures 3in tall and is machine rotocast for everyone’s pleasure. There a handful of Rotocast Marbled versions currentyl in the shop. This prerelease contains color and marbling technique tests. We are working on a first official release in the coming weeks with headercards, a limited colorway and all that jazzmatazz . There’s more characters in the works, Man at Arms and Battle Cat to name a couple. So swing by the shop and snag one of these one of a kind, signed and dated Dead Lynns.

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Anne DuBose is Back! Creature From the Fat Lagoon and Crystal Kitten Skulls too!!

Hi Folks! She’s baaaaaack! By she, I mean me -Anne of DuBoseArt. I was the blog writer for a long time for the site then things just got crazy and I never quite got back to it. However, with things getting busier and social media what it is – We feel it is time to do updates on our own site as well. I’m not making promises about how often posts will be made…nothing, nada – EXCEPT I CAN ABSOLUTELY say with pretty hefty confidence you will find far less spelling and grammar errors. ;)
So, that is that until we can really nail down a schedule for how we are going to run all of this – worry not! We DuBoses ALWAYS PREVAIL!

Now moving onto the guys you’re really here to see:

He’s back!! More detailed than ever thanks to J’s new son Elegoo.
We are still not quite sure what he ate to get so chunky – or if there is, indeed, a “Fat Lagoon” that has yet to be discovered…. Believe me, we are on top of looking for where and how he came to be so voluptuous!
Currently Limited to 5 GITD Editions for the modest fleshly price of $25 Each. Pop on over to the shop and snag one of these rare fellas. Who knows when they will reappear? We know so little of them, what if they are like the cicadas – hatching every 2-17 years? Just a thought….

Now what to say about this beauty? Obviously we here are DuBoseArt have always been huge fans of skulls. Skulls of all types. And we really love the real ones (real made out of resin, that is –
we are absolutely not going around killing animals to obtain skulls….
we love animals!
Probably more than people.. Well, I do at least. )
Okay, with that little disclaimer out of the way onto the info about this gorgeous piece:
Beautiful for any cat lover (or hater, I suppose) The Crystal Kitten Skull is 2 inches long, the jaw is detachable should you wish to display it that way. I mean, you’ve heard the man say it before – and I’ll back it up myself: I am his harshest critic. If I don’t like something, even a tiny piece of a full piece, he will most definitely know about it, and most likely change it. Now that said my friends, Crystal Kitty Skull is perfect. I am finding no flaws to speak of – she really is just a beautiful piece for any kitty collector. Only 6 left in the shop! A few people got to the site before we even had a chance to announce that they were available (and we love and appreciate you all SO much!)

Much more to come, as most of you have seen all of the recent electronic upgrades to the shop. Shit’s going to get wild in here! Don’t worry, we won’t overload – everything will be taken in and go out in a timely manner. That said, lots of boxes shipped out this morning, more slated to ship over the next couple of days.

Keep your eyes peeled on our IG’s (particularly @duboseart) although I do plan to reactivate and use mine again – all in good time. Peep the FB page if that’s your jam and DuBose posts to Twitter as well.
So there you see, many many platforms to stay “in the know” on what we are up to…
Lots of awesomeness slated for the next few weeks/months – so don’t sleep on checking us out. As mentioned – there are times we don’t even get the chance to post an item has been added to the shop and they are already selling (and again, you guys and gals are badass.)

Thank you all for the years of continued love and support. We couldn’t have done it without you all – we are now and will always be grateful for EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU!

Anne & Jonathan DuBose

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Holy Shit a New Blog Post!!


Yes, finally after a long blog hiatus and epic unspoken battle between myself and a “Bad Blog Writer” I love dearly… Anyways, DuBose here with a error ridden, typie type on the clickidy clacks!

First of all, THANK YOU EVERYONE who’s showed your support in someway, be it likes, comments, a follow, a purchase and of course motivational emails! Ya’ll Rule!! and I couldn’t do it without you!

Next on the agenda is a mention of some recent additions to the shop and to our arsenal of creative tools. First is the obvious new Elegoo Mars 3d printer I picked up. This thing is sweet as all hell yall. So sweet that I had to actually do something about upgrading my PC situation. So I went on the ol FleaBay and picked up a really decent hp business class windows 10 PC with plenty of juice. Now I can handle the high def models files easier and pick up where I left off 3d modeling after I took a break. Kinda sucked not being able to print the detail that I wanted so I sidelined it for traditional sculpting.. until now. I pick up things fairly quick.

Below is what’s currently on the printer. I’ll be hopefully releasing some of the raven skulls I posted on IG and.. a more Mad Max Styled Raven Skull(slightly larger) hopefully today Sunday or Monday. We’ll see how the day goes..

With a new PC means I can actual type these numbers 1233454!@$# !!!!! HELL YEAH!!! This will make Posts like this and updating the shop way easier to get around to doing. I do still have some server issues but not nearly as crazy as it was.

There’s a lot more going on than just the above mentioned, so keep an eye out( I hate saying that) on my Instagram feed and the folks you know I cast for.. I’ve made some crazy beautiful pieces already and still have lots more to go. So I’m gonna wrap this up..get some sleep and do it all again tomorrow.

Again Thank You everyone for your support!! Yall Rule!! Oh! If you’re feeling frisky, swing by the shop and snag a thing or two. Orders over $35 get a Free Mini Beskar Ingot ..Most likely Psychedelic.. casting alot of those colors recently…


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New Stuff, lots going on..

DuBose here with another quick blog postering on what’s going on around here. Lot’s of radness in the works First we have our Little Sitters, Jack and Ra. I have a few limited edition colorways up in the shop for grabs. These are typically made out of convenience depending on what I’m making for clients so edition sizes are extremely limited. Thank you everyone for picking them up. I really appreciate the support, with out you folks, who knows where I’d be now.

Next up a thank you for everyone who helped make the Toy Vikings Nordic Lucky Cat initial release a sell out!!! Y’all rock !!! Another exciting colorway is already in the works, so please stay tuned for the media onslaught ahead of you.

Ok so there’s lots happening in the background here, we have Halloween releases scheduled for Paper + Plastick so keep and eye out for those popping up soon. We have a couple cute little things in production for Collecting Toyz, I just love the characters, we have some Viking Ghoulz heading home. We also have something delightful for Miscreation Toys so keep your peepers peeped on the look out for those announcements. you’ll hear it there first!!!

I tried to make it short but there’s a lot happening . Thanks everyone for the continued support, likes, comments…all the things !!! You know DuBose loves you.


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Halloween, Little Sitters and NYCC!

First up I need to talk about is the awesome Permafrost Ed Viking Lucky Cats by The Toy Viking. An edition 10 blue/white marbled Viking Cats worth of Valhalla are up for grabs now at the Tenacious Toys booth 780 at NYCC. All left overs will be available online some time next week. Make sure you’re following @thetoyviking and @tenacioustoys on the socials for more info.

Next up are my cute Little Sitters Mini Series I’m cooking up for this Halloween season. I currently have Lil’Jack and Lil’Ra available in the shop for $25 each US Shipping included. I made a few variations of Lil’Jack, Bad Candy sold out and theres 2 Mummy Jacks left. Next up in the series is Lil’Drac for a one hell of a terrifyingly cute trio!

Aaaand thank you to everyone who reached out to me for casting! For those who pulled the trigger, Happy to have you aboard! I’m too excited about what’s coming down the pipe, stay tuned for more radness and mobile blog post madness. If you’re interested me casting pieces for you, shoot me a message or DM on Instagram. A quote never hurt no body. My prices range from “awesome” to “fair”.Please excuse errors, this is quickly posted from a phone, I’m sure someone will come along and clean it up a bit.