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Halloween Sale & New Items!

We are feeling the Halloween Spirit and are having a sale on some new spooky items! Our Woeful Wraiths & Devil’s Candy Corn have been added to the shop. Both are original D.A.D. designs, sculpted, then resin cast in Candy Corn colors for the Holiday – along with some Glow in the Dark critters. Check out the Shop & Gallery and as always: keep your eyes peeled for new cute and creepy creatures that will be added in the next day or two. Hope everyone has a great Halloween!

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WTF! Chickens hatching October 19th!

Another new Limited Edition line from DuBose Art – The WTF! Chicken Series will be added to the shop and on sale tomorrow: October 19th!

Series One.

Sculpted/Handcrafted and made of resin (hard plastic) they Glow in the Dark, and come in a variety of colors. These weird little creatures are just under 2″x2″x2″ and will make a great addition to any collection of strange art toys. As with the Blops – they aren’t just for adults – kids absolutely LOVE them too!

Though a couple of these pictured directly below will not be included in this First Series, I’ve added the photo to show clarity and detail:

WTF! Chicken: Clarity, Color & Detail.
WTF! Chicken – Series One: Glowing in the dark.

WTF! Chicken Release.

These odd & cute little guys are limited to 20!
Mark your calendar and get them while they last!

These creepy chicks were also featured over on It’s an excellent site – go check it out! Thanks again @trutek for the great review and support!

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Blops landing October 19th!

Once again we are back with something new. This time: Blops! These little guys are Series One in our latest line of cute resin toys. Each Blop is unique. They come in a variety of colors, some glow in the dark and of course, what you find encased inside will be different in each. They are approximately 1.3″x1.3″x1.7″. Made out of resin (hard plastic) with a hi-gloss shine. Sculpted & hand-crafted/painted : They stand on their own, should you want to put them up on a shelf and BONUS: kids love them too!

They will be available for sale here in the DuBoseArt.Com shop October 19th!

Series One
There are 20 total in Series One – Get them while they last!

Also on October 19th we will be releasing a Blops: Halloween Spooktacular Edition! Inside these you will find spiders, snakes, centipedes and a few other creepy crawlies.

Spooktacular Edition
Spooktacular Edition: Limited to 12!

You can find many more photos of these little guys in our Gallery.

Please take a look at a feature on the Blops and some of our other resin toys (along with a lot of other neat stuff) over on:!

Additions are possible in the future, but for now – this is it! We are in talks for creating a “MEGA” Blop, a Blop Mini Series and releasing other Seasonal Series.

Stay tuned to DuBoseArt! Lots of new original sculpts, creatures & critters coming soon!

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Welcome Back to DuBose Art and Design!!

My has the site been down for while!! Anyways we are back, better than ever and in full swing! We have many projects just wrapping up and many more in the works. Pictures always describe things better than words. (well my words, at least.. haha)

Here’s a brief look at whats to come, and don’t forget to check out the Shop you might just stumble onto something cute, cool, weird, and just plain know those things you just can’t live without.

More in depth blogs on how I create many of the pieces you’ll see in the Gallery and Shop.

Thanks for your support and for stopping by!

-Jonathan DuBose

Here’s a small glimpse of whats to come..