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Various Releases, Critters..buoyancy..what a busy week.

or has it been 2? Idk, This weeks been pretty busy with Wave 2 of critters releases. I’m on a critters kick right now and we can blame the new Series by Shudder TV for that. No worries if critters isn’t your thing, I’ll be moving on soon. I think I’m going to wrap up the sculpt for the Naked Critter and finish off my Crite kick with him. Thank you everyone who snagged set already, your support is awesome! Truly grateful. I just need to sell a few more Critters in wave 1 and 2 and I can fund the materials I need to get the Naked Critter project from clay, to plastic, paint and fur. Oh yeah, I started on the critter ball face sculpt but it looks like ninja turtle minus the mask. I need to stare at it a bit more .. or not look at it for a while…probably both.

I still do casting runs for various folks, most recently some mini rubber Death Cats for my buddy Johan at Death Cat Toys of course.. Paper + Plastick. Currently, I’m wrapping up St. Patty’s inspired pieces for P+P. Make sure you’re following Paper and Plastick for release info on those. The Pot o Gold skulls are a lot of work. Funny thing about gold coins is ..they sink in water but float in resin..density and buoyancy are tricky mistresses.. the fix is ..Each coin is glued to the next to create an array of coins. when the coins try to float, they don’t bunch up and it gives the appearance they are free floating in the skull. That’s the approach I took getting the coins in. It’s tedious but it works. Pic below the coins are floating, not sinking..think upside down.

On pieces like the Lucky Charms Mini Skulls, when I need to suspend something heavy like metal charms. It’s a total different process and approach. Like I said Density and Buoyancy are tricky mistresses. I’ll save that for another blog post. It’s super late and I’m tired.

Pardon errors in grammar and whatever. hopefully someone edits this the morning .. ::in eeyore voice:: “it’ll probably be me..”

<3 J